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What is the BUZ Concept ?

What is BUZ-CON®?

Holistic Applications The Chain Concept® is a concept that guarantees the satisfaction of the person undergoing prosthesis or orthotics. Prosthetic-Orthotic applications are not done with the logic of end-to-end applications with quality assurance approach. The first step of a good prosthesis application is through a fully compatible socket application to the user. In our center, we use the most appropriate socket production technologies to produce the most suitable socket for you and we make test socket application before permanent socket application. Why the test socket? After the permanent sockets are reshaped with heat, their strength decreases and in fact they are not suitable for reshaping by heat. In fact, the sockets made with carbon cannot be re-formed by heat. Before the permanent socket production, the necessary socket corrections can be made with the thermoplastic test socket without disturbing the strength of the permanent socket. Although this implementation increases the cost and implementation time in the short term, it avoids future socket mismatch and a second socket cost. In our center, we make test socket application in all applications without exception. The logic of take-and-take prosthesis for a good prosthetic orthosis application is wrong. In order to become a good prosthesis orthotic user, it is absolutely necessary to take rehabilitation before and after the application under the supervision of a specialist physiotherapist. With pre-rehabilitation we prepare your muscles for new prosthesis or orthotics. With the latest rehabilitation, we aim for you to walk correctly with the prosthesis or orthosis indoors and outdoors and to show the closest walk to your previous walk without being amputated. We compare how much your old prosthesis and new prosthesis affect your quality of life with our Measurement and Control applications. And we prove to you and to ourselves how much our prosthesis improves your quality of life. And we send you to your Social life. Of course we don't stop here. There is a must-have 2 follow-up mechanism in a quality prosthesis-orthotic service. 1.Monthly 5.Month and 12.Months controls, we check the socket compatibility which depends on your stump volume changes. We plan to eliminate static or dynamic adjustment updates of your prosthesis or orthosis before you encounter any problems. ICE-Konsept® under the Bionic Center, in Turkey, which guarantees user satisfaction and application centers include improved prosthetic orthotic is a single concept.