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Carbon Prepreg KAFO

They are long walking devices made with carbons impregnated with resin. Long walking devices made with prepreg are both ultra light, thinner and much more robust than conventional long walking devices with steel bars and normal carbon orthoses. Turkey prepregs long and short of being the first and only walking device application center we are proud. More strong Your health is more important than anything else. Many long gait devices are unfortunately injured due to fractures of the orthoses. Robustness is at the top of the line for long walkers. Carbon prepregs are used in the manufacturing of many composite-based components that require high performance, high strength and long service life, such as missiles and aircraft parts, racing boats, turbine blades and sports equipment, in various sectors such as defense, energy and ship-construction, especially in aviation. In addition, it was found that carbon fiber was 10 times stronger than steel. As in the case of normal carbon long walking device applications, there is no case that the carbon does not absorb the resin and is brittle because the resin-giving process is not carried out afterwards. Lighter Prepreg Carbon devices do not use heavy steel side bars, such as orthoses with classic leather booties. This makes the orthosis lighter. Since the resin is not subsequently applied as in normal carbon orthoses, the weight caused by excessive resin absorption of the device will not occur. Thanks to the lighter weight of your orthosis, you can walk longer distances without getting tired. Thinner We know that the aesthetics of the long walking device are important for almost all our users. We recommend ultra-thin prepreg long gait orthoses to avoid discernment of the orthosis under clothing. Long walking devices with classic leather shoes are both very heavy and can be easily noticed under clothing. The long walking devices produced by the prepreg method are thinner under the clothing. You will be amazed at this subtlety You are welcome to our center for free information and evaluation.