Bionic Innovation

Innovation comes from the Latin "innovare" root, which means "to do something new and different". The Turkish equivalent can be called “renewal olarak. In the current technology era, traditional production methods are being replaced by low-cost, reproducible, technological production methods that reduce human factor. The aim of the Bionic Innovation unit is to replace traditional, costly procedures with long procedure procedures in the prosthetic orthosis sector; is working on methods that can be repeated, eliminating the mistakes of the practitioners, decreasing the production costs and time, and conducting R & D studies on production techniques that provide more comfortable and high mobility to its users. We aim to transfer 10% of Bionic Center revenue to the innovation unit. As Bionic Innovation, our goal is to rewrite all rules by developing high-tech application methods. In addition, we offer opportunities for students in Orthopedic Prosthetics-Orthotics and related departments to realize their innovative ideas. The survivors are neither the strongest nor the smartest of the species; The survivors are the ones who adapt most to change. C. Darwin