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What is Amputee Life

While healthy living is the goal of all of us, few of us strive for it. After the amputation, walking in the wrong pattern, frequent falling problems, early fatigue, posture lack, and recurrent or frequent repetitive pain turn into your destiny (at least that way). One more thing to remember! With aging, a number of changes occur in our body. Our muscles weaken, our flexibility decreases, our ability to balance weakens and we face similar changes; as a result of these changes, we encounter difficulties in daily life compared to the past. In fact, we invite you to explore your capacity that can be improved with very simple approaches and supports. We provide special rehabilitation and exercise support to you and your needs with expert physiotherapists in our Ampute Living Unit. Within the scope of exercise support, together with the evaluation; gait training, general strengthening, core stabilization, balance coordination, sensory training, scar tissue mobilization is preparing a program that includes support. We also are very pleased to implement our first amputee Yoga group in Turkey. We offer individuals with amputation the option to exercise with special yoga groups to train the body and mind at the same time. To learn more about the effects of “Yoga” or literatür Body-Mind Therapies geçen in the literature, such as reducing phantom pain, preventing anxiety and depression, and improving physical fitness, see the articles in the user guide. We need to work together to maintain and maintain health. We look forward to welcoming you to our ionic Bionic Center Amputee Life ”. You may think that your amputation defines who you are; Once you've met Amputee Life, you'll realize that your amputation has just turned into another aspect of who you are.