About US

Bionic Center has received trainings in Turkey and abroad; not only content with existing ones but always aiming for the better; It is established by Orthopedic Prosthesis Orthosis technicians and Specialist Physiotherapists who believe that prosthesis and orthotic applications will be in a multi-disciplinary way with the Integrated Application Chain approach (BUZ-KON), who have sufficient experience in the professional field and have not lost the empathy ability with the users. Our Center; Prosthesis and Orthotics application center operates in four areas: ACADEMY, AMPUTEE LIFE, Bionic Innovation. Prosthesis and Orthotics applications in our application center; In our ACADEMY unit, we bring together prosthesis technician or technician candidates with new prosthesis and orthotics techniques both in Turkey and abroad; In our Amputee Life unit, amputee individuals have a healthier body and soul pair; In our Bionic Innovation Center, we implement our existing ideas to make Prosthetics and Orthotics practitioners perform more accurately and successfully, and to make the lives of Prosthetics and Orthotics users easier. We hope you've read it here without getting bored. We have told you who we are, our goals and dreams. Tell us about your dreams and wishes. Let us do more for you.